B.Sc. (IT) + M. Sc. (IT) Five Year Dual Degree Integrated Program

B.Sc. (IT) Semester Wise Subject Name

B.Sc. (IT) Semester I
1Algorithm Development and Introduction to Programming
2Introduction to Digital Electronics
3Introduction to data analysis and data management
4Information Technology and System Maintenance
5Communication Skill - I


B.Sc. (IT) Semester II
1Database Management System - I
2Object Oriented Programming Concepts
3Web Programming
4Basic of Computer Networks
5Communication Skill - II


B.Sc. (IT) Semester III
1Data Structure
2Application Development Tool - I
3Database Management System - II
4Advanced Computer Networks
5Fundamental Mathematics for Information Technology


B.Sc. (IT) Semester IV
1Application Development Tool - II
2Environment Disaster Management
3Application Development Tool - III
4(Elective -I) Mobile Applications Development - I
(Elective -I) Web Programming with PHP
(Elective -I) Server Management
5Management Information System




M.Sc. (IT) Semester Wise Subject Name

M.Sc. (IT) Semester VII
1Advance Technology - (.Net)
2Web Programming Framework
3Network Infrastructure and Administration
5Object Oriented Analysis and Design with UML
6Project Management


M.Sc. (IT) Semester VIII
1Advance Technology - II (.Net)
Programming Techniques - I (Java)
2Advance Database Technology
3Enterprice Resource Planning
4Artificial Intelligence
5Career & Personality Development


M.Sc. (IT) Semester IX
1Mobile Technology - I
2Advance Technology - III (.NET)
Programming Techniques - II (Java)
3Network Programming
4Operating System Administration
5Project Dissertation


M.Sc. (IT) Semester X
1Industrial Project