B.Sc.(Visual Communication)

B.Sc. (Visual Communication) or Bachelor of science in Visual Communication is an undergraduate degree. Visual Communication is the transmission of information and ideas through visual aids. There are various visual aids, using which, information and ideas can be transmitted. Some of the common forms of such visual aids are- images, symbols & signs, films, typography, animation, electronic resources etc. Visual Communication is a broad degree field, and students learn a variety of visual arts. Most importantly, students learn the art of communicating with audience using various art forms including interior design and visual art. Students in the field learn to use typography, color, and other elements of art and design to communicate, persuade or affect emotion. The degree opens many professional opportunities in various fields for the candidates after its successful completion

v  Eligibility Criteria 

For admission in three years B.Sc.(Visual Communication) ,the candidate must have passed 12th Science/Commerce/Arts from GSEB Gandhinagar, OR CBSE New Delhi OR any other equivalent board.


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