B.Sc.(Visual Communication) Three Years Course

Semester I

  •  Introduction to Design
  •  Design Methodology and Process
  •  Design fundamentals and visual literacy
  •  Drawing fundamentals for Graphic Representation
  •  Mini project-I

Semester II

  •  Visual narratives and sequential structure
  •  Materials and process for design production
  •  Fundamentals of digital photography
  •  Advanced drawing for structural representation
  •  Mini project-II


Semester III

  •  Web technology and interactivity
  •  Animation fundamentals and the science of motion
  •  Fundamentals of digital film making
  •  2D Animation film making
  •  Mini project-III


Semester IV

  •  Animation production process
  •  Script Writing
  •  Storytelling and representing animatic
  •  Portfolio creation and presentation
  •  Mini project-IV


Semester V

  •  Advertising and branding design
  •  Digital Design Sp-I(after effects and Maya)
  •  Digital Design Sp-II(after effects and Photoshop and Flash)
  •  Media Laws and Ethics
  •  Mini project-V


Semester VI

  •  Industrial Project

Admission Enquiry