Training & Placement Cell at Department comprises of Full time Placement Officer, Program Coordinators, Senior Faculty Members and Student Representatives. This is a continuous activity which runs to facilitate students for their semester end training and Final Placement. 
Training plays vital role in ensuring good placement. We give due importance to technical training, soft skill and conduct regular sessions on these training. Role Plays, Mock Interview and analysis feedback process directs Students to identify the scope of improvement. The Cell takes care of reaching out to top recruiters through personal contacts, continuous mail, publications like placement Brochure, Institute Handouts, and Pamphlets etc., finding their requirements, avenues for strengthening ties with them; counseling students about career and career related aspects; informing the faculties and curriculum developers about the changing needs of the industry.
Placement Of Students
Placements Statistics2018-2019 2017-2018 2016-2017 2015-2016 
Interested for Placement4773.446467.375466.675468.35
Training/Further Education / Abroad1726.563132.632733.332531.65
Total Strength64100951008110079100



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