Workshops & STTP

1. Seminar  held on "Ethical Hacking" :
1) A seminar on "Ethical Hacking" was held on 12/03/14 at Department of Computer Science, Adalaj Campus, Ahmedabad. Speaker Mr. Sunny Vaghela, Director of M/S TechDefence pvt. Ltd were covered many new Techniques of Ethical hacking in lecture session. Wherein main topics were covered are :
  • Mobile Hacking
  • Website Hacking 
  • Basics of Hacking
  • Demo on Virus, worms & Trojans
Around 160 students have attended the seminar in two time slots : from 12.30pm to 2.30pm and 3.30pm to 5.30pm. Students found it very knowledgeable and learned various aspects of Hacking Techniques.
2) On the 14/03/14 Seminar on “Networking Fundamentals and awareness about Microsoft associated Technology exam “was conducted and  Session delivered  by  Mrs. Renuka Patil & the expert from M/S Microsoft. Topics covered were:
Fundamentals of Networking, Router and its configuration,  Password Cracking in network..
Total 90 students from various M.Sc.(IT) and B.Sc.(IT)  program have attended the seminar. Overall the total program was held in a quite disciplinary academic atmosphere and students have learned practical application of networking.
2. Tech Fest for Oracle WDP Partner:
Oracle hosted a webinar on 05/08/2014 by Mr. Ajeet Mishra for DCS Students. Total 75 participants got exposure to the upcoming Oracle Technologies. Following topics covered:
  • Grid & Cloud Computing
  • Database Security & Auditing (with practical demonstration)
  • Database Performance & Resource Contention (with practical demonstration)
  • Query Optimization(with practical demonstration)
3. Expert Talk on Emerging Trends & Technology:
An expert talk on emerging Trends and Technology was conducted by Ms. Sheetal P. Soni, from IBM has delivered the session at DCS, Adalaj Facility to the students of MSc-IT and MSc-ICT programs on 12th Aug 2014. Students get benefited from the experience and exposure to the knowledge during the session.
4. Expert Sesson on Android Mobile Computing:
An Interactive session on Mobile Computing and cross platform development was conducted on 22nd August 2014 at DCS, Adalaj Facility by Mr. Maharshi Pancholi , Viitor Cloud, Gujarat.
5. Computer Society of India:
An Interactive session on Computer Society of India was conducted on 22nd August 2014 at DCS, Adalaj Facility by Dr. Nilesh Modi, Chairman CSI, Gujarat and Dr. Nisarg Pathak, Student Chapter Coordinator, CSI.
6. Awareness about “Self defense”:
A program on awareness on self defense specially for female candidates were organized on 24/09/14 . Around 100 female participants attended the program.